ADMINS, Please create a pinned topic about SA server issues

As the title says so, please create an official topic were we can see official info about the state of all the servers with issues in SA.

If you dont do so, every SA player will start creating new topics about them not being able to enter to any SA server. You can also include estimated times and give us details about the problem. Its not fair for players to be silent and dont give us any information at all. We currently dont know if we will have to wait 1 week or a few hours until servers are fixed.

UPDATE! the same bug is happening on PRIVATE SERVERS! We need a fix ASAP. @AndyB


Hours i doubt… But yes… We need a fixed Topic… Is an big piece of the community that is not able to even play the game… And the game is not cheap

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i also would like to know if the server are ever going to come back up

They are not offline… They are bugged, we cannot login because probably our character is stuck… And the loading screen never ends… But the server is there… With a few players logged, but most of the others cant

If you dont have a character in the server you can enter, but if you create one, and then dies, or log out, you will get the loading screen of death

Having the same issue. What I have done is give 4 restarts in 24hrs. At first this seemed to work but appears to have gotten progressively worse. I just watch my cmd server panel and cry like a little girl. Maybe I can MUSH with my players…lol. Chins up and trudge on.

Nothing yet…Just loading screens

It seems it is a thing with all south america servers. I moved to a private server, and today I can’t enter due infinity loading screen too…

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Even moderators arent answering about this issue. We dont deserve the silence treatment! The last time an admin spoke about this issues was 1 days ago and they stated “we will tell you as soon as we have news”. At least be polite and write an official statement acknowledging what is happening on all South American servers, and that you are still working/waiting on the subject. There are hundreds of south american players who bought the game and should know about these issues.


Same as everyone here. There has been about an hour since I tried to connect to a SA private server. There wasn’t that kind of issue in Early access but now we can’t even play the game. The game itself is awesome, but that kind of bug is not acceptable at all.

Launched with less servers for a continent than for a country. 3 servers at launch when there were 6 for an Early Access. We are receiving servers like it is a charity, seems that Funcom think they are giving us a favor.

Because we like (and paid) for this game, we are strugling in middle of suspicious private servers, so we can play the game. But guess what? EVEN the private servers are bugged for more than 2 days and no official word? Just a “we will look” (again, charity). So please allmighty Funcom, can you descend of your almighty pedestal and look down for an entire CONTINENT that cant play?

It is NOT an private server issue, because the same happens with the official server.


We need to keep reporting this error until they fix it. I love this game, I really do, but I can’t play on any server. And the only one I can play it gets full in a minute. Please developers fix this!

On PS4 none of the servers Works… ALL of them with loading screen of death

Entrei em contato com o Suporte da g-portal e eles me disseram que não tem nada errado já que o servidores estão online tem players “jogando”, mencionei que tinha sim algo muito errado e eles disseram que encaminharam o problema pra a Funcom(que deve estar pouco se fodendo para nós).

Não tem outra alternativa galera, estou louco pra jogar e ainda não consegui, mas o jeito é esperar.

@AndyB why g-portal is saying that is no problems with the South american servers??? The eternal loading screen is not a problem? I really wanna know If It is being fixed or It is not considered a problem at ALL cuz 3-4 people are able to Join after try for 3 hours to login


You can not enter the servers in South America, it’s a shame they should reimburse us.


An entire week without being able to play because of the servers bugs, Official and Private… And still no comments by Funcom.

I bought the game on the first week of early access, to support the game, and this is how we are treated back.

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Another day of silence from the entire company. Not even their community managers or support staff is giving us any answer.

Posted sticky about ongoing issues with logging into SA servers. Thanks for your patience!


3 days off line servers. That’s a lot of incompetence! Shame!