Stuck on loading screen in SA oficial servers

I was able to play until a few hours ago, in the oficial SA server #1976, but now when i try to connect, the game will get stuck on loading screen.

i did some troubleshooting, and the game is working fine in SP, Co-op, i can even enter the non-oficial servers without a problem, im very confident that the problem is in the servers, so please don’t sat “try to uninstall and reinstall”.

PS: You guys could amp it up the number of concurrent players to at least 60 right ? Only 2 servers PVE, to a total of 80 slots, to i will say at least 10.000 people from SA who like to play PVE


Thank you for letting us know about this issue. The problem is most like with our server and not your installation of Conan Exiles. Our server administrators are now aware of the issue and troubleshooting the problem now. Hopefully we’ll have the situation sorted out soon.

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Any news about this? @SkekSil


Eternal loading screen
server #1986

My money!!

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3728 pve server is not letting me in either

server #1986
Eternal loading

Up! I’m having the same problem.

Up! I’m having the same problem. 2

09:23 PM Brasil and the problem continues

unable to connect infinite loading servers official pvp ps4 3133

Well one more day was, we are 24 hours without being able to play the game, this is because the game was released in 2 days …

Good night, I’m going to sleep, I have nothing left.

22: 05h in São Paulo - Brazil

23:06 SP - BR

Nothing work yet

@SkekSil Soooo… any ETA for a fix? what did G-portal said to you guys ? We would really apreciate any information besides “we are looking into it”, mostly because it’s been around 40 hours since we are not able to play, i know you have your plate full at the moment, it’s been a messy release (reminds me of diablo 3 release), but we here in SA love the game, we want to play (and have at least one PVE-C server), and since 3 out of the total 6 servers are not working for more than a day, we are getting frustrated.


Agree! I think they should at least say what´s going on. And when the host company that they hired is going to solve this!

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I have been unable to get on for over 7 hours I lost all my gear and rare weapons I looted 200 sandstone foundations I was over encumbered walking back to base I have emailed customer support and posted on 20 forums of theirs…still no response at all.

Hi there everyone,

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any more information at this time in regards to this issue. I understand that it is incredibly frustrating to hear that we do not have any update after this all this time. We are working diligently to resolve this issue. I would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience.

What I can confirm is that we are working on bringing more servers online to ensure that you have multiple servers to play on. Please keep a look out for more info in the future.


Sorry if I’m being annoying, but the idea would be to fix those who are in trouble first, because there are people who are not playing because they do not want to start doing it all over again on another server. after you fix the ones with problems, then yes you have to think about putting more servers.

so please pay more attention to servers that are offline.

Hey there; while I understand the perception here, please understand that not every solution has an instantaneous solution, and different issues and different servers may have different people and different fixes for their problems. The issues affecting 1976, 86, and 96 are different than other servers we’ve seen and is taking time to investigate and repair. I’m sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

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Please look at the PS4 servers SA too they have the same problem

I think the best way to change this would be to change the g-portal for another company … it is inadmissible for a server company to take 2 days to find and solve the problem.