[PS4 - South America Server] Forever loading in # 3980 PvE

Hello. It’s been more than a week since I opened a post talking about this problem, but it is still active. I went through this frustration yesterday. In fact, I received an answer in my previous posting that this problem should be solved in the “near future”, but I keep waiting. Please fix this.

Update: I died with my character and in time to choose the place to “reborn” and finish the countdown, the game did not continue. I was forced to leave the game and try to reconnect - and I did not succeed. Another problem. I’m worried about having to re-create all my tools, items, armor and weapons, as I do not know if my body will be available on my return (when I can return).

Hi there,

I am very sorry for the frustration that the unstable state of Conan Exiles and the inability to play the game on South American Servers. All South American servers are being investigated and worked on to allow all players to join them. I would like to thank you for your patience as we resolve these issues.

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