Official Server Latam PS4 #4518 off more than four days

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Server seems online but cant connect]
Region: [Latin America]

I’m very upset about this. It has been more than three days and official server PvE # 4518 Latin America [PS4 ]appears as available but we can not log in. I spent many hours playing on this server and I do not intend to start a new game on another server.
What happens to these servers? In less than 30 days, this issue happens over and over again.

I´m having the same problems…LATAM Servers for PS$ are not working

For Server Issues please use this Form. (Source)

Hi Melcon, everytime i try to log i report the server problem in this form. I lost count how many times since saturday i reported the problem using this form. If you know other channel that can help I will be grateful.

Hello Rafabasa,

first of all i can understand the frustration but for now is this the best way that i know to point out a Server Issue

Exactly, I fill out the form every time I try to connect to the server.
What makes me sad is that in less than 30 days the servers will be over and over again.
I think Conan Exiles is a great game, but it is already tiring.

Hey there,

This issue is being picked up in the following thread. Please post here if you haven’t:

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