Ps4 still eternal loading screen after 1.06

Game mode: Online
Problem: eternal loading screen
Region: South america

Well, Just installed the patch 1.06 on my PS4 And i still cant login… Server 3995 pvp. I have the same eternal loading screen… And when It stuck, If i press the buttons, i keep hearing my inventory open or the menu opening.

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having the same prob. its been 2 days now.
I can log in a new server, creat and play, but if i logoff, i cant return to it… odd

Same here trying to play for 30 minutes now. When I finaly see a spot free on the server I tried to join but it froze. Useless updates.
I remember the good old days when you bought a game and actualy could play it.

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Same here.

We have only 2 servers for south america. They have ~10/40 players online and I can’t enter without wait more than 10 minuts on loading screen. If i choose any America server, I just log on in about 20 seconds.

Same here… Since launch… I was able to Join only 3 times in more than 100 tries

The devs tweeted that what can help with this issue is to start singleplayer, play for a bit, exit and then try to join multiplayer.

Sounds like crap. It freezes because multiple people are trying to log into 1 space and the game cant cope. Once you are in loading, if you missed the spot by seconds you stay there.

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Yeah same here, only loading screen. :cry:Singleplayer Offline

No is not… I am trying to Join a 16/40 server and get eternal loading anyway

still having the same problem… waiting for a fix or anything …

Yea that doesn’t help. I was locked out for almost 30 hours. Which I played SP for and would check back to the PvP server every few hours. The only thing that fixed it was the server resets from them pushing out the patch. Now I stay far away from the mid left side of the map as 2 more people are locked out in my clan. Waiting for another patch to be pushed out. They are going on 24 hours as of now. Stay away from the mid left of map or it could happen to u.

still waiting for any response or fix

I Wonder why there is only about 10-12 people from South America playing… I know there is the login issues, wich happens to me too everyday but… SA people needs to buy this awesome game to justify FUNCOM opening another servers.

We cant Join… 1h of loading screen… They are empty cuz nobody can Join… Me and 3 friends cant join

still having the same issue…

Happening to me But after 2,3 trying hard i get logged in.

And still happening after 1,07