Infinite Loading Screen!


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [South America]

How can i play this game if im stuck in loading screen AGAIN???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


In what way are you playing? We need information if we are going to try and help.


Does this happen when loading the game or after using a map room/death?


Ps4, pvp south america server #85

I simple logoff after build my base and a few hrs later i try login and bunnnmm! Infinite loading screen again and again… I have tried several times and restart console, etc etc… Rebuild ps4 database and nothing makes this game work…
Sorry my english friend, i hope u undrstand. Thnx!


Ps4 online pvp official south america server #**85


Get ready to start over new


The old infinite load screen bug could be fixed by playing singleplayer for about 5 minutes, then loading your online game. It used to work for me, but hasn’t happened in a long time. I thought that bug was fixed.


Hes not alone to have this issue!!


Same problem for me

European server 3046

Fix it please


I am French sorry for my English little elaborated.
I am on the European server # 3062 PVE
the loading screen will no longer load. what to do ?

thank you in advance


Funcom??? We need u help, please!

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