[PC] Help Server #1997


Can’t connect, stays in the loading screen forever, if you’re very lucky you get in,
but you have to ALT+F4 to retry.
Please at least run a script to Reboot it every few hours, it’s weekend!


We are with the same problem days ago, it is impossible to play like that.
The worst thing is that I can not connect to another server that is not SA, since it throws Ping error.
I can not believe they have not solved this problem yet, everything worked better in Early Acces.
It already tires to be Asi


in early access every official i played rebooted about once every day, rebooting a server is not a fix, but at least players can play for some time.


Fix SA servers for the love of conan


Today’s patch notes:

What about #1997 ?
Should I abandon it?


One day left for the topic’s closure. The answer is yes, server is still the same


No news for server #1997?


Today in the morning the server worked fine. It was up like 1 hour 50 minutes and then restarted again. Looks like the infinite login was fixed.


Server #1999 with the same problems, eternal loadscreen when trying to log. Someone can give any idea of what is happening:?


After todays patch the infinity loadingscreens are back with ofc the permadeath. Please fix the server, we already lost all patience (SA servers got this issues since the 8 of May)


Hi there,

Unfortunately, we are still working on improving the quality of the SA servers. This is an ongoing process that is requiring a substantial amount of testing and investigation. I would like to assure you that this issue is being worked on. Please keep a look out for more info soon.


Still with the same issue…server restart every 10 minutes with a rollback of 10 minutes


Any date to fix the server? Can you tell us if the server its going to get fixed? We are losing hope.


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