Game never connects to server


I’m trying to connect to servers and connection never happens. I leave it there to connect and never goes in. Tried 5 minutes, 10, 20, half hour, nothing. It’s stuck at connecting.

Anyone experiencing the same?


You talking about the infinite loading screen right Scanevaro? Yes, a lot of people is experiencing this, and we cant wait when they fix it. Hopefully they do it soon, because people are already raging, if they take too long the game won’t survive to be popular and have a big community.

Yes, I’m also getting infinite loading screen in most servers since yesterday. Just can’t play al all. I’m from Argentina.

Same here, just got 1 time but after that never more

Is this the SA servers or another group? trying to figure if its a game issue or not. getting the same problem of 10+ minute log in and revives until a server reboot is completed.

I have had problem right from the start of this ‘magnificent’ game lodging. Usually the main game is better than the beta, but here it is beta great original game -huh, can t get the game.

I have been trying to log in all which ways. It always stats that there has been an error and they will let me know when Windows has it worked out or something.
I can log in through Steam, or from desktop page, always the same.
Deleted the game and reinstalled - no luck
Ran the verification route and also no luck
went to new Conan server but all I see is how much you have to pay for a server! Well, I suppose it is a human trait to think of money first and stuff the rest…