Lost Connection to server [HELP NEEDED]

Since i re-downloaded the game on 8th of May im unable to play, upon joining any server i either get greeted with the main menu screen or i enter the server for 30 seconds maximum before i recieve the message “Lost Connection to Server”

I have honestly been trying everyday to try different solutions to fix this but rather than listing them all here i would just like to know,

if anyone has had this issue and somehow fixed it what did you do? or is this an issue on conan exiles side and if so will it actually be fixed?

Any help or tips would be so amazing!

I could get in this morning just fine but now i’m stuck on loading. pls send help

did you find a fix?

Would you happen to have details on server/region/device?

Hi there,

I have moved this to the PC Updates and Bug Reports topic for better visibility on the issue.

any and all servers i have tried (not tried any without battleye.


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