Connection problems

Despite uninstalling and reinstalling Conan Exiles, when joining our clan’s server, I get an error message could not connect to server your connection to the host has been lost… others in our clan are able to get in, so what is my next step? (have already logged out, restarted PC still to no avail)

Have you ever been able to connect to the server?
I have no idea what your issue is or what your level of technical expertise is so try at your own discretion:

power cycling your modem + router. (router off, modem off, modem on, router on [after modem fully booted/connected]) , if that doesn’t work =>
Then flushing your DNS cache.
Are you able to ping the server?

can’t remember how to ping the server, can you refresh my memory? I was connecting yesterday and lost internet, since then have been unable.