Lost Connection to Server (Looking for help)

For the past 2 months on a daily basis i fight with Conan Exiles just to get into a server , reinstall battleeye or the game or any other method to have a slim chance to play.

Basically upon loading into a server (with or without battleye) i will either be brought straight back to the main menu with no error message or i will load in fine and be able to see my character / interact with chests etc for around 10-30 seconds before i get kicked out with the “Lost connection to the server” message, in 1/10 tries i will get into the server and actually be able to play for 10+ hours with no issues.

The reason im asking for help is because this 1/10 chance of playing is now 0/10 as for whatever reason the methods i tried before to have a slim chance of playing are gone, now i know this issue is common among some folk so all im asking is for some advice or maybe some other methods to try? maybe someone reading had this issue or knows someone who fixed it, any help would be very much appreciated.

A list of things ive tried (that i remember)

-reinstall the game

-reinstall battleeye

-update drivers

-reboot router

-restore firewall to default settings

-port forward my server

-disable my antivirus

My last real hope it to ask my ISP to change my IP Address which im about to try call them and do, ill post here what the outcome of this is if i get the IP changed. If anyone in the meantime has any insight please please let me know.


My friend you are crashing because the servers are corrupting, I have had nothing but trouble on my server, I am a computer guy and i know the issue is not on my end. Be patient when the dev team returns from holidays it should be fixxed

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