Lost Connection. Internet Connection needed to play

My connection to the Official Servers keeps dropping. It gives me the Lost Connection error, even though I clearly have internet, since I’m on voice chat the entire time. I’ve checked all the settings that I could see. Checked my firewall, which has an exception for Conan.

Checked my network settings. Checking my internet connection to various other things. Still not sure what’s going on.

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I too would like to know why I keep losing connection. Again, as above, I am on Discord talking to my clan mates and yet I get the ‘Lost Connection’ error. When I try to log in PING is off the chart (9999) so I have to kill the Conan Sandbox (via Task Manager) and completely log out of Steam to get back in. The whole process can take in advance of 5 minutes to get back into the game, only for it to happen randomly, again and again, time after time. I seriously can’t remember the last day I have avoided this error.

I’m guessing that it’s related to Battle Eye, because I’ve reconnected and then been booted specifically by Battle Eye for not having a connection.

This has been a continuous issue for me and my players almost daily. Sometimes we all get kicked at once and other times, it’s just one or 2 players. My server host has done everything from their end and all my mods are up to date and patched. I’ve discussed it with modders and it seems to be a Funcom/Steam authentication issue or perhaps Battleye?

It’s so frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of a fight or quest.

From the evidence, and from reading other forums, I’m almost positive it is a BattleEye issue. I think if it sees a slight spike in Ping it assumes you’re cheating and boots you without telling you why. That’s you “losing connection”. Especially when BattleEye immediately disconnects you after you log in.

Never had a Battleye message. Just sometimes when it gives me the No Internet Connection kick error, I try to log back in and it gives my an authentication issue (Steam or Funcom) Likely Funcom since I keep my connection to Steam because I check my friends list.

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