[PC] Conan Exiles and BattleEye ISSUE (UNSOLVED)

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Greetings. Since I can not post the image, I still have that issue where I can not connect to any official servers since it boots me back to main menu (Because I am not connected, which, I am) No matter how many times I try to get on, I can’t, it is frustrating, Any way you can help me? I narrow it down last time but I never got a reply. This is my second attempt in reaching out the staff. After what I pointed out I have noticed Steam takes me to Funcom Launcher n launch the game from there, I thought it was going to be fixed but apparently the issue was never dealt with. I will appreciate if I get a reply.

If BattleEye is tuned off you can’t connect to official servers. On the other hand BE causes issues of it’s own which is why I hate third party software.

I was testing if I could join non official servers without BE, which it let me, but when I have it back on, it did NOT let me play OFFICIAL servers, it boots me back to main menu claiming I have no connection. You missed my point entirely, look at my first Fourm post and you will understand.

Are you using Win7?


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