Lost connection to server (help)

Ever since the game left early acsess ive had this issue on official or unofficial servers, upon clicking to join a server i either enter the game world for maximum of 5-10 seconds before getting kicked out orwhile on the loadingscreen to enter the server i get returned to the main menu with the message “Lost connection to server”

Now ive tried everything to fix this, from port forwarding, messaging the devs, vertifying game cache, re-downloading the game, direct connectiong through steam and other sites and so on as the list really does go on.

Now the strange thing is sometimes… i repeat SOMETIMES i actually get into the game server… usually its after reinstalling the game 1-2 times back to back or direct connecting through a game server website while also restarting my pc a bunch and when im in the game after the initial 10 seconds or so wait time to see if it kiciks me out i can play on any server fine with no issues, just yesterday i played for 7 hours straight with no issues and today i also played fine, but now i cant get back in, now to keep having to try all these different methods just to have a slim glimpse of hope on connecting to the server.

im reaching out to the community for the millionth time because i know this issue is common and im hoping some saint reading this right now has an actual fix for this that works 100% of the time rather than 5% chance which im so use to now.

EDIT: I decided to try join a server without battleeye just to test it and i also got kicked out from that.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had since the official launch. You mentioned that this is a common issue, but that is not true. There are a few things I can think of that we could troubleshoot to try to determine what the problem is. This is best done through email.

Please go to help.funcom.com/ and submit a support ticket classed as “Tech”. We will be happy to work with you by email to try to figure out and fix any problems you are having.

I replied to what you suggested but they replied tellimg me they cant assist me so im unsure why you directed me to them.

Im hoping by this bump someone will see this who can actually help or give some ideas for a fix.

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