Constant "Lost connection with the server" [PC] [any server]

I can see server and join them, but I lose the connection to any server after a few moments (normally 5 seconds to 3 minutes). This happens on official servers and on a private one that a few friends rented (that’s why I want to play online; none of them has any connection issues).

I tried more or less every suggestion solution in various “lost connection” threads and none worked yet.

Here are a few things that I tried already:

  • Reinstall the game via Steam and deleting the local files first (I got a physical day 1 edition and used the DVDs to install the game)
  • deactivate Windows Firewall and my Antivirus
  • Updated the graphic card driver (I did so shortly before the “last big windows 10 update” about 3 weeks ago, but now I did it again).
  • Run Steam as Admin
  • reinstall BattleEye (also uninstall it; my friend’s Server doesn’t use it)
  • Checking my Ping ingame (it was 60-80 at “prime time” and my friend’s server does not kick people with bad pings)
  • No mods installed (any of us)
  • Different screen settings (VSinc off, from borderless window to fullscreen etc.)
  • Using Steams direct connect to the server
  • Using the battlemetrics website instead of Steam
  • checking/repairing my network connection with “netsh winsock reset” as admin in CMD
  • Putting my max fps to 30 (which the server uses; down from 60)
  • Increasing virtual RAM (from “automatic” to 100-150% of my physical 12gb RAM)
  • Graphic settings are medium or lower; I already tested the lowest setting and the low-end Laptop mode. (hardware is more than enough, especially RAM)

I should mention that there was a big Windows 10 “feature update” lately and I hope it didn’t mess with anything :wink: (my microphone suddenly stopped working on my PC until I found out that a new EU privacy setting blocked all apps from using the microphone)

My friend’s rented Server Name is “4Netplayers Dune” and the ip is “” (I won’t post the password ofc)

In case that a Moderator suggests to email in at the funcom help page: Can you please send me the email adress via PM? I don’t see a clickable button on that page or the adress itself (using Chrome; not sure if it got blocked by scriptblockers etc.)

I appreciate any help that lets me play on my friend’s rented server without rejoining about 40 times per hour :slight_smile:

edit: I made a log file (editing only the server password), but I can’t add .txt files here. I can post the text here if you wish, but I can post only 99000 characters and I need 123k+ if I add the whole log. I could quote parts of it in a second posting if you wish.

edit2: how long does a first response in the support forum take on average? I posted this thread more than 48 hours ago (monday morning).

Give up dude, I posted the same issue over 24 hours ago as did several others with zero responses given to anyone. My advice, forget about it and get a refund dude because you’ll get zero acknowledgement and even less help from funcom. Go through the support and the bugs section of the forums and you’ll know they don’t care whatsoever because the majority aren’t affected.

I couldn’t get a refund even if I wanted since I played too much already :wink: (43 hours of singleplayer or perma-disconnecting). I can enjoy the singleplayer mode, but it leaves a bitter taste that I can’t play it the way I wanted (with friends who rented a server for 3 monts and experience the stages of progression together; I don’t know if the hype has worn off after that time or if they continue paying money for a server. I definitely lag behind pretty far: I’m around lvl 15 while they should be 50-60 by now; the T1 + T2 “group build” and explore phase is lost to me).

I would really like to see some official response here (just for the “we’re aware of it and are working on it” relief). It could help if more people post their problems here; and do it in a proper way. For example: The guidelines say that you should mention a server name (both official and unofficial depending where you play), but hardly anyone with this bug does it (well, at least no one who plays on a private server).

I’ve put my hope on the testserver-update; I didn’t test it myself, but I hope that the improved server performance will help and that the patches rolls over to the normal server soon.

Regarding the “They don’t care”: I think they do care, even though such a long response time in an official support forum is “meh”. Especially since it’s not in the indie game price range.
Disappointed people tend to write reviews way more often than happy people and Steams “recent review” percentage is “mostly positive” right now, but it’s just 1% away from “mixed” I think (70% is the border I think; 67% is definitely “mixed” already). Sliding down to “mixed” will definitely scare a certain number of future customers away.

crossing fingers that they work on this problem already

edit: I can’t believe that there is still no official response at all; A new sticky about griefing was created yesterday, so there are still people available that are not sick, in holidays etc. :wink:

6 days and still no official response :slightly_frowning_face:

There are many new and similar threads in this subforum - it would be nice if you could at least create a sticky regarding these constant connection failures if you don’t want to answer the threads.

The Steam support options regarding game problems in Conan Exiles go into 2 directions when you click through the description: “Contact Game Support” or “I’d like to request a refund”.
–> I’ll wait a little longer, but I seriously start considering to check out if there are any chances to get a refund for my purchase.

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