Lost connection to server [HELP]

So basically when the game came out of early acsess i decided to re-download it and check out all the new content.

But sadly upon joining any official server (havent tried unofficial because i refuse to play there) regardless of region or game mode type i seem to either get kicked off the loading screen and back to the main menu OR i actually get into the server and im able to interact with boxes and move around but this last for a maximum of 5-10 seconds before i get kicked off with the “Lost connection to server” message.

Now as for what i have tried to fix this, forum hunting online, re-installing the game, verifying game cache, turning off all antivirus and none of these fix the issue.

As for what actually work, if i disable all my antivirus and directly connect to my server through the battle metrics website i SOMETIMES get in, maybe 1 in every 10 tries and once im in and the 5-10 seconds period passes i can actually play fine with no issues for as long as i please.

Basically ive made an account on the forums here as a last ditch attempt that some hero can save the day and help me, i know from the steam community posts i done that there are other with this issue so hopefully someone reading had this issue and fixed it or even some knowledge that this is currently being fixed would be refreshing.

Thanbks for you’re time.

Hi there,

We are working on improve connectivity issues that are being seen across the board. We do have a workaround that has worked for some players. Please try to play single player for at least 10 minutes before joining any multiplayer servers. Please let me know if this doesn’t fix the issue. Thank you.

I have tried this a few times now but sadly i get kicked out either 1-2 seconds after joining the server or while loading in.

Dang. Can you please give me the number of the server that you are attempting to join?

Official server 1063 EU PVP

Thanks for the info. I can confirm that this server is online and running properly. That being said, there might be some underlying issues. We are working to improve the overall quality of our servers. For more direct assistance, we will need you to email in at help.funcom.com. Our tech specialist will be able to assist you further.

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