Main menu disconnection (PC)

When i tried to connect to servers the game crashes me to main menu (ping 20-60 (my connection is stable)). If i connect to server i can play only near 10 minutes and game disconnected me into main menu again. In the game i have stable FPS.

me too and now I can not even conecte the server any more

Your not alone, some days I can barely get into the game. I select a server then after about 10 seconds of loading I get kicked back to main menu, hoping things get better after May 8th

So far the only way I could fix for awhile was to re-install the game, but it came back for me after that day.

I was having this issue yesterday and was told it was probably my AVG antivirus so turned it off and I could connect to servers again but after todays launch update the problem is back again.

I think I talked to you before Spudly. Am I to understand that disabling AVG no longer helps the situation after today’s update?

I no longer have AVG on my system so I know its not that and yes it started again after the update, I also opened another support ticket yesterday with the original ticket id in the message but have not had any response as of yet.

Thanks for the update @Spudly. I’ll try to reach out to you in that tech ticket today.

just a quick update, I fixed my issue by doing a re-install of steam.