Everytime I try to connect it sends me back to main menu

ok I sorry I mad :pensive:

Hi there,

We are still working on the ever-growing backlog of emails. I understand that it is incredibly frustrating to have to deal with these long response times through email and I am very sorry for the frustration caused. Let me assure you that we will answer your email as soon as we can.

That being said, we are working hard to improve the stability of the game as well as the quality of the servers so that everyone can play. Please keep a lookout for more info soon.

@bugcom First off I know how frustrating issue’s like these are with this game, that said as someone who has been waiting over a week for a response from funcom.com email support with my own error report that wont allow me to play the game, and has spent many hours looking for an answer on the internet and also asked for a refund from steam with the same response, just move on to another game because as much time and energy I’ve spend trying fix my own issue even though I really enjoy the game I don’t think it’s worth as much frustration as it’s caused.

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