Connection refused...? fix?

when i join on my server or any server ( single play) after loading screen got a connection refused tab

I’m really wondering why the Foncom team doesn’t have a solution to this problem.

I think you should fix this bug , then give us a new chapter .

So far 5 threads have been opened because of connection refused that all 5 of them did not care and did not take the blame and thread without solving it stop it

Do you really not have a solution for us? Or is it done intentionally?

Not the problem is from our connection, not from the steam…

The problem is on your side and you have to deal with it.
We’ve paid for this game and we deserve to play.


(I hope this thread doesn’t go unanswered.)

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Been days for me. Freezes upon login. Blue screens in single player

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Is your problem automatically solved?
and what you mean blue screen?

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No the problem isn’t solved. This has been an ongoing problem for approximately 3 years now. Same blue screen blackscreen that it has always been.

Blue screen meaning you log into the game and get the PS blue screen error message saying 34878-0 which usually means corrupted files but it isn’t corrupted. Can log and play other servers. Have dealt with this bug for years. My bases about to decay for the 5th time since I started playing Conan 5 years ago. Decay for the 5th time when it isn’t my own error I mean. Bases decay yes but not because the game crashed and you can’t log back in for a year. Problem isn’t solved. Not sure it ever will be. But would be nice if they would just acknowledge it publicly like “yes we know, you can’t log in, we are working on it” people would stfu and stop complaining but they think nothing is being done or heard so they keep coming to forums looking for help.

I am waiting for the reply from funcom admins

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Don’t hold your breath. They most likely are aware already because many people are posting about it. Generally give a basic response like “give more info” “file a report here” “we will look into it”. They have always been vague as a ghost with customer service and responses.

I really like this game but they have very poor support and they don’t take responsibility for anything.
I just hope that this topic will not end without a convincing answer like the previous topics

I’m still waiting for the Funcom admins.

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