Failed to connect?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Misc]
Region: [UK]

[Been connecting to a friends game for about a month now nigh everyday with no hassles an vice versa with him joining me until last night. We was on his singleplayer/coop game per usual just building away an my game just frooze then i got a black screen an was back on title screen with a message saying “failed to connect” so tried to reconnect to him but same message constantly coming up all the while im in party chat telling him what was happening.

So i test internet, all fine, connect to server online, all fine, so then completely shut down p4 an then reboot router just incase an still when all back up an running i continue to get failed to connect all the while he doing the same incase the problem his end.

So then wee took the unwanted steps of deleting user settings an redoing servers to which again nothing helped still failed to connect

Basically im posting here because im at a lose now with no ideas left apart from just a complete wipe but im nearly convinced the problem isn’t us as wee can connect to each other with no problems on everything still apart from conan singleplayer/coop so if anyone any suggestions it be appreciated.

Both of us on standard p4 if that matters an the same thing happens if he tries to connect to me but only in Conan ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

i been getting issues connecting to my server that are like this, my workaround is trying diff single player/co -op, pvp, or pve options then letting it load diff modes servers. after then, mine will connect again.

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