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“Connection lost. You must be connected to the PlayStation Network in order to play online.”

I am connected. I am online.

Having same problem. Server list is loading and then says I must be connected to PSN to play online. I am connected and online. I ran an Internet Connection Test to see if PSN was down but it said connected. Must be too many people online and its crashing it. I will say one thing.

I always wanted to buy Conan on PS4 because I bought it last year on Xbox and it always crashes on that console. Thats why their servers are ghost towns. Same issue with 7DTD. Xbox version is crash crash and PS4 version works fine and I never crashed.

Something about building games on Xbox doesnt get along or bad porting.

Same thing is happening to me paid 60 dollars plus all 4 dlcs and cant even get on. Funcom is starting to act like EA and I’ll just say I don’t buy their games anymore.

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This happened to my tribe and myself last night as a result we were offline raided which has resulted in all 4 of us saying enough is enough and are giving the game up. Since this game has gone f2p it has been nearly impossible to get on our server either through server full, lag issues or your not connected to plantation network.

‘Funcom no longer make Fun games…

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this happens when there is only server issues wait for some time restart the game

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