3 days unable to play conan

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It’s been 3 days unable to play conan due to “must be signed into playstation network” error. Is there any news on this, when is this expected to be fixed? I’m fairly new to conan so forgive me in advance for being so confused and frustrated by this. Being unable to play a game you’ve paid for, is quite annoying and an inconvenience. Especially since I’m playing on official servers with very low decay timers. Etc. If and when the servers are working properly again, if I’ve lost everything I’ve worked towards. I’m fairly certain i will be beyond angry. I’ve been gaming for over 30 years. Never in my gaming years have I ever had such an issue that wasn’t addressed and patched quickly to get the player base up and running. Having a game where players are unable to connect and play defeats the purpose entirely.

What is the expected turn around timeframe for us to be able to play again? I’ve bought every DLC for conan because i was starting to enjoy the game a bit (even though it needs a MAJOR TLC) starting to regret throwing money into the game right now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Easy… just attempt to choose a server type… error pops on load server screen.
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Ongoing thread here. Connectivity Issues, June 11th

Good job funcom I deleted the game a few minutes ago and I am done with Conan it is a shame too because if it was run right it is a great game

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I’ll probably be uninstalling this joke of a game too. If it wasn’t enough with all this nonsense going on… It’s been a year now, and the same issues I reported a year ago are still present.
All they care about is money that’s why they focus on the DLC’s and not the 100’s of known issues they neglect to resolve.

I’ma repost this in every thread mentioning glitches and bugs, wondering why they haven’t done anything about it yet, and when they plan on doing something about it.

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You rambled off every time you crashed and once hugo asked a question to help you resolve the issue you didn’t respond and the thread closed due to inactivity. Can’t be that big of an issue for you if you couldn’t be bothered to reply last year. Seems like you just want the attention now that Sony is having network issues.

Yikes, harsh for someone who forgot how to reply for a year.


Bro they’ve literally been posting updates as soon as they come and they don’t even run the servers in house either way. You’re just trying to point the blame.

How do you know? Did the voices in your head tell you that? There’s pills you can take to make them go away you know.

Honestly I don’t think your grip on reality is that good given you go dark for nearly a full year and then try to throw blame around without any backing proof, and deny any evidence that points you as being wrong.

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Dude… what the hell is wrong with you?

Calm down Karen.

The game isn’t “unplayable”. Single Player and Co-op work fine.

Is it an inconvenience for those of us that play online? Yes, but hardly unprecedented in terms of other games.
Is our stuff at risk? Funcom have turned decay off on officials, and private server owners can do the same, take back ups and join our players in twiddling our thumbs until whatever the issue is can be fixed.

It’s not hard to do that patiently & without sending yourself into an apoplexy, nor without taking a minute to appreciate the inherent difficulties in diagnosing a technical issue in a complex multi-party IT environment, the nature of which is fairly specific and wildly different from most of the ranty whingeing I’ve seen posted as supposed evidence of “iNCoMpotEnCE!” or whatever.

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Exactly, technical issues happen sometimes, it sucks for me personally that this is happening during my days off and I understand the frustration of wanting to play when you can’t but it’s not like this is a regular occurrence and we’ve all gotten countless hours of sweet sweet gameplay out of Conan before this and we will again once the issue is sorted, I’m sure we can cut them some slack while they are doing whatever they can to get the issue sorted.

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Everyone on Ps4 is starting to get a little upset and impatient, but trust me, once the servers get back online you’ll truly enjoy this game. unfortunately all we can do is just wait.

The people is too angry, and they become nervous too quick, I agree with you. But please, stop saying the game works fine offline. It’s not true. For some players(like me) the main thing on this game is to build (and all the processes that comes with it) and right now on offline whatever you build is subject to autodenolish because a random lost of stability bug. I mean, we can say that the game works fine on offline except if you want to build something or play coop (yes, try to die as host on coop a few times and tell me what happens)
Random stability loss after 19.05.patch

Some good example info in that thread, I’m sure a fix will make it into Testlive (if it’s not there already) and roll out with a fix soon.

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