PS4 Server List Crashing Network

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

Never really posted on forums here but im really enjoying this game and its caused me to claw out of my socially awkward hole to fight for this game ive come to love. Ive looked around and read other forum topics and even some on this website and found no solutions but plenty of people experiencing the same issues I am so I figured I might bring it back up. When I load up conan, all is well and good, (menu soundtrack is top notch btw) and single player works fine, its how I test buildings and strategies and stuff, but when I go to implement those strategies by going to the online tab, it will be loading servers but after about 2-3 seconds it says ive lost connection. No servers show up, it just looks like its going to load them but then crashes. Ive tried quickly changing the filter to favorites to see if it can just load my server I frequent, crashes. Tried changing the region as fast as I can so its not loading all regions, crashes. Most of the other forum posts claim its because the game is loading so many servers that the router feels its being attacked and shuts down for a sec which causes the connection issue. Ive owned the game for a week now, made some new friends and got into a cool server and judging by how long this persists, im afraid our adventures together may be over before they even began. Ive tried restarting my router, ive restarted my ps4 but nothing really seems to change it, other online games work flawlessly. Some people have mentioned trying to change how the search system works, such as having a default limit where it only searches servers in your area with a tab to change it if you feel like playing on another region, that way its not loading an entire planets worth of servers at once and only loading relevent ones. Perhaps you could make it to where it doesnt load any servers until you hit a search button so people can imput their filters first and then load the server list when they are ready and have set their peramiters. Again im just some dude cooped up in my room, I know no real knowledge about programming games or any experience with IT stuff in general so I have no bearing on the difficulty of achieving these suggestions but if you have the ability, id love to continue playing your game but at this point, I cant play online and I dont really enjoy the single player mode, its more for testing for me. I like the feeling of being in a world and there being tons of other peoples fortresses and cities all dotted about. It adds a new layer to the game that I cant wait to get back to exploring so take your time but please get around to it when/if you can.

Thanks a ton!

Edit: I found out if I log onto a server in Ark: Survival Evolved, then close it and come back to Conan Exiles it makes it work like normal again. I dont know exactly how long it fixes the issue but ill edit the post again when it messes up/if it messes up. I know this isnt exactly the best solution because you wouldnt want people to play someone elses game just to play yours but its a temporary fix and I figured I should include my findings.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start up Conan Exiles
  2. Go to online
  3. Pick PvP/PvPc/PvE/Skip (all produce the same crash error)
  4. Attempts to load servers for about 3 seconds and crashes before any can load

there is a master thread. There is a list of games as well as Ark. also, joining a friends session if they are on works as well.

Master thread?

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