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Dear FunCom,

When ever i try to find the server me and my friends play on through the server browser, my whole home network stops working for a few minutes. My phone, laptop, pc and ps4 gets disconnectes. I have the feeling its getting worse every day (perhabs because of more servers being added to the list?).

I actually spend most of the time (usually hours) to actually try and join the server. Because it is always 40/40 (or even more) and it takes like 5 min to actually find the server (probably because my network gets disconnected for a few minutes), i miss the <= 39/40 spot.

I really find this unaccaptable and this should be a priority bug fix. This is really frustrating especially on Raid times. Pleae launch a patch asap!

I know i am not the only one with this issue and it really is on this game only. Other games work fine. And yes i did port forward, and have static ip and i use the google dns.

Also as a side note please allow more players in a server. The map is huge and 40 is really few. (4 clans of 10 people, really?) Like ark has a 70 player limit so it should be possible.

Thanks in advance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start up conan.
  2. Load server list
  3. Try to refresh

same issue
funcom is ignoring this

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We are absolutely not ignoring this and are aware of it. There’s another bigger thread on this on the forums currently. It’s also something that needs extensive investigation. Thank you for your patience though, I can understand the frustration. We will get a fix out for this as soon as possible!

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still waiting for news, hints…
there is a bigger thread, yes.
but besides naming us spamer u do nothing

can u please refund us?

I have actually seen posts from PC users in Feb 2017. The temporary solution or work around was to lower the max server pings in the steam clienr. Obviously we dont have that setting on PS4.

Changing the max server pings in steam client is obiously not a fix, so i am assuming this problem existed allready in 2017 and is still not fixed, at least not for ps4. Shame on you (not you personally but FunCom in general), this is a huge problem for players who wants to play online, this should be a priority instead of patching minor bugs.


Yes it’s a old problem. And obviously that it reappears if they don’t change anything on it. Someone made even a technical analysis on this.
So this definitely does not need a extensive investigation! It’s just a excuse to tell us to live with this for a long time from now.
The fix for this will be the shrinking playerbase and by this removed servers in the upcoming weeks :slight_smile:
Just let me ping for the one server I want? All the rest is datatrash anyway

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No matter the location i look (EU / US / any servers) it says there are 0 (zero) servers and then crashes PSN and Internet. I would like to play this game i paid for and i’m not going away until it is fixed. period.


Hi there,

no solution by my side. Still getting massive Problems finding Servers on PS4. But I can confirm that the problem for most of the people here is probably the IPv6 thing. If your Internet Connection/Router (like mine - Germany/Kabel Deutschland) is running with IPv6 and DSlite Tunneling (which works like an emulator for the “old” IPv4 Protocol) you are f…

Luckely we have still another (Backup-) Internet Connection from another Provider (O2) which is still using the common or “old” IPv4, so I could do some tests and comparisons.

While the new and faster Internet connection doesn’t find Servers except the Official ones and even then the Network goes down after a while, the older one works as intended and finds more than 2300 different Servers without crashing.

If your Internet provider does not offer you the possibility to use IPv4, it seems you are screwed. You can join servers through the PS4 Buddy Screen and jump into Sessions where your friends are. But you can’t find this servers again and play alone another time if your friends are not online.

So, I think it’s Funcom turn to fix this Problem and the way the Serversearch is working.

Much text which does not really provides help but maybe it helps to address the problem…


That might be some peoples problem but my fiber connection only uses ipv4 according to router settings. so i dont know but i do know it’s a pain in the ■■■■ to say the least.:unamused:

Im not sure if PS4 actually supports ipv6. And im not sure if this should be the problem since there should be a fallback to ipv4 when 6 is not working. And i think ipv4 is a standard on all IPS’s. IpV6 is just extra untill globally adapted.

Also, i am able to see all servers in the server browser. And i actually am trying to join an official server. The problem is that a refresh actually disconnects me from internet (like a ddos attack on my network). This causes the server browser to stuck until my internet connection is back, this takes like 5-10 minutes.

“Just let me ping for the one server I want? All the rest is datatrash anyway” this would be a nice feature indeed.

Or make the filter options a server sided filter like actually apply it on the query to receive the server list.

@Spynosaur_Nicole any news?