Connection bug, when loading serverlist

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Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]
Everytime game tries to load serverlist I loose My psn Connection.

I have tested on the 2 ps4 in My house, and on 2 different isp’s. I Even rebuilt ps4 database.

And it’s still the same.

My Kids plays fortnite, ark & overwatch without any problems at all.


Me and a friend experience this too.
Sometimes breaks the whole internet connection.

PS4 Base Model


Yeah precise.
Have only tried singleplayer so far. Before the patch yesterday, some servers would appear, but Connection would go fubar.

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i also have this problem. ps4 pro / 1gb fiber network / all other online games work ONLY CONAN crashes and shut my whole internet down (psn/internet connection). it’s 9:55am where i am at so when i return form work this evening i hope this fixed or there will need to be something done asap. i bought this game for online not so it could kill my connection. fix now pls or …


Same thing. Please help us quickly!

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If I change my connection and switch to my mobile phone hotspot it works. The servers still full but I can load the servers and go back to the main menu without kicking from the hole psn and internet connection. It’s our providers something happens and we fly from out connection. What we need to do? In my router I have add the Port numbers from psn an but it didn’t help.

Hmm I actually tried doing a hotspot from My Phone too, but the result was the same.

:confused: I can connect if the servers are free like 10 min ago 38/40 and from first try I need to join fast. And then it works. Also I call to my provider and they explain me that the problem is ipv6 I use the ipv6 and they change now to ipv4 but it takes a while and then it will work. I had luck I had a spezialist on the phone ^^ and he know the issues with Ps4 because he’s also a gamer ^^

This will happen on XBOX as well from time to time. For me it happens if i start a search then go back then try to search again. I often just have to end the game and wait a minute or two for the internet to work again.

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getting this as well, it used to happen on pc it’s to do with router being flooded too quickly when getting the server list.

this don’t happen to all some router deal with high loads of been flooded better, but if your like me your stuck with what your isp give you so the problem keep’s on returning.

on pc the fix was easy lower the In-Game Server Browser:Max Pings per Minute to 1000.

but on ps4 there no way to edit the setting we need funcom to lower it or add setting or this will just keep happening non stop.

funcom know about this bug on pc as they reply on reddit post about it last year.

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I have the same issued since today. Yesterday everything worked fine.
PS4 Base Model

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This is a very serious issue! When trying to load the Conan servers more than once, my network goes down, and effects every device in my home. I go to school online and my wife works a lot from home. This issue is making this game cost a lot more than just the sale price! Your game is causing a DDOS like attack on my network, shutting it down for up to 10 minutes at a time. If this issue isn’t addressed or fixed in a timely manner, I’ll be forced to contact my lawyer over bait and switch advertising, a crime in the U.S. I eagerly await a response.


Official server # 3893 pvp does not show up for 2 of my friends. It’s just not there. They’ve changed filters, tried joining on others, tried accepting invites still cannot see the server.

So… still no answer and I can’t play a game I paid $50 to play AND it knocks out my PSN and Internet connection… WTF… :confused:

Yeah I’m have the same problem me and my bro both cant get anything online to show up I’d like to have this fixed both days I had off was a waste

So a lot of people are having problems that make Not only the game unplayable but effect the whole internet Connection and no one is adressing the issue or even answering and telling us they’re working on the issue. Looks Like funcom is trying to make sure that WE will never buy a single Game they make.

I have the same problem on PS4 and! PC. Tested with different Accounts. I cant play the Game online, when i search for a Server the complete Internetconnection is broken After a few seconds. Please fix it!!

By the way, is there any support in German here?

As the title states. EVERY time I try to play online No servers show and it kicks my psn and my internet stops working. It take up to 10 mins for psn / net to reconnect and i still cannot play online.

PS4 pro (2 months old … so still new)
1gb fiber network
Fresh install / rebuild database
cat6 hardwire to ps4

All other games and app work with no problems JUST Conan exiles breaks my internet / PSN

woke up this morning to find a patch for conan…great…well… I go to try online and WOW…it searches for servers and then…CRASHES MY PSN / INTERNET. This is going in to the weekend and already i’ve not been able to play online for DAYS and it breaks my ■■■■. FIX THIS CRAP.

Paying customer here… Please fix the issue then.

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