No servers list

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: Latam

I do not see the servers and after 5 minutes I get an error saying that I have to have ps plus to play online

I downloaded the game because it was free and now that the month is over, you can not play online anymore?

i got ps plus for 1 year…


I’ve got same problem last 24hs!! No servers appearing in server list, please, fix it!

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No one cares, this in too many forums and there is no answer. Its happening to me and a lot of players, from my clan, region… i was about to buy a DLC, thanks god i didn’t

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It’s been a day now and still the same problem

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Same problem from last two days, using search does not help either.


Two days now and still has not been fixed


Yeah I’m in the middle East temporarily and all my roommates cant get a single server to populate and it’s been 3 days give us something to work with funcom ffs!

Same issue the last 48 hours, not sure what’s going on but at least some acknowledgement would be appreciated.

Hey there,

Server browser seems to be up and running correctly. Which regions are you currently playing from and which internet service provider?

All the ps4 servers not showing up suddenly. I was playing 2 days ago and everything was fine :frowning:

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I run stc due to being in the middle East. But it was up and running a few days ago but it’s been down for everyone in my house.

same here…i think i smell a little ‘‘dlc buy’’ needed for us to play again…i hope it’s not the case…try everything…all servers gone…officials, privates…nothing

Stc i don’t think the problem there because all my other works games fine


So my PS4 pro just dropped a 42gb update on me for version 1.40. Hopefully this fixes it. My roommate said his is only 14gb though but he has just an og PS4 anyone have an explanation for this?

Okay, not a single server is shown in the PVE-K after the update. What now?

Me and my friends have te same problem since monday, give us a solution. When we search any servers an connection error happends. Please work on this error because no one of Argentina can play.

No one other game has problems. I running from Argentina, empty server list.

Yeah I’m in Saudi right now, doesn’t seem to be working here either.

Same issue is going on for me. Last night I was able to play finely with my clan mates on the online servers. Ever since downloading the new update this morning the servers haven’t shown at all. My region is in America.

OK, that’s it? The End? Can not play for 6 days.