Server 3361 ps4 missing again

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.load up game
2.go to favourites
3.server I have played since launch doesn’t show up
4.sit there hitting refresh trying not to smash ps4 and tweet funcom abuse

3738 also.

So nice of you to break the servers in your mad dash for more cash. Greed is going to be the end of this company. This is why your stock is worth 5€ a share.


Oh, excuse me 2€

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Well, I am only playing this game in single player only, offline mode. At least if I am missing stuff or lose buildings I can easily replace them. Also lag is not so bad when compared to online PVE.

I wish I’d play online PVE with friends though, but at this date it’s not feasible.

Same reason I haven’t switched to PvP the rampant lag and the invisi-enemies aren’t something I’m willing to deal with in a PVP environment.

I don’t even like PVP at all, so even if this game had some Battlefield 1-level kind of servers I wouldn’t get into it. And it seems that on top of the problems encountered online, some players decided to act the way they act, so that’s a firm NO from me.

But PVE, yeah, I’d like that. Hopefully they can fix some of the problems we’re having now, but I don’t know. We’ll see. A bit discouraged and disappointed though that DLC seems to be front and center right now when we have much more pressing issues.

I do get the fact they have investors and there’s a push for this kind of things in a company, but I really hope they have also a good team working on improving the game, otherwise I don’t see much of a future for it.

Well to each their own. I was just illustrating that these continuing problems are really holding players back from enjoying the game in a way they would prefer.

You guys do realize they just did an update correct? Servers usually come offline upon an update.

Keep up the complaining though :wink:

Yeah, they did… Like and hour and a half ago. They also stated servers should be back up.

So yeah, we’ll keep it up. You keep them boots clean. :wink::ok_hand:

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You realize this isn’t the first time right? Last time no update and it was offline for 3 days but keep up the know it all attitude and putting your unwanted half witted opinion out there

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