Not being able to see servers!

Please be as descriptive as possible!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug/Misc
Region: America
I absolutely love this game but after putting about 10 hours into a server with my friends. Then waking up to playing it a little more is very frustrating. It seems like a waste of time because you can’t get the server! Typing in its whole name or even number doesn’t work while it will sit there and try to load servers but nothing pops up! I love playing this game and won’t be giving up on it so early!

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Heya! Could you clarify which server you’re looking for?
That is strange though if no servers are showing for you at all. Can you double check your filters? And can you try switching it to just officials?
Does restarting the game/PS4 seem to help? I’ll look into this further meanwhile. If you’re able to get a picture of your screen showing this, it’d be helpful. Only if you can. :slight_smile: Thank you!!

I’m having the same issue. I’ll set it for official and America, but when it finishes loading sometimes it will show zero servers or it will show two or three, but right above the server list it says 0 out of 23 or zero out of some number for the amount of servers

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I switch it to Official and refresh and no servers pop up but what is strange is that if you type official in the search bar some servers pop up! The server I’m trying to join is “Official server #3650 PvP” it is an American server and me and my friend had a lot of fun on it last night. I have closed the game before and try “Internet” while typing the name and it also isn’t in my history when I go there! Thank your for replying by the way.

I’m having a similar issue i can’t find a private server i know is there plus i only get around 5 to 10 playable servers

Same issue for two friends. Before the patch they could join now neither can find the server. It’s gone from all their lists. Sonetobes the lists only loads a few (0-5) servers other times it will load over 1000 but not the one we are in 3893 for them. Clicked and switched all filters and show invalid servers with no results.

This exactly for me as well, before the patch I was able to see the servers even if as for everyone they were ‘invalid’ now after the patch It’s like I’m connecting from sweden with a self advertised sweden game coming in at my lowest ping of 400ish with most america servers being lucky to pull 600ish and most of them in the 1200-1800 range.

This is despite using a base ps4 model, no proxy or special router firewall security other then what my ISP loads, broadband speeds from Texas. I can’t even view my purchased server no matter how I manage the filters, probably because I have a 2000+ ping and it can’t display something so crazy. As noted above the ping matches the search behavior perfectly, it takes forever to return results for games I don’t want to join anyway because of horrible ping, as expected even when I get connected its laggy and I get disconnected. I’m not going to say I want a refund, but I’d like to see something more then. “Yeah we know this is a problem and we’re looking into it” How about a real tech heavy update on what you think caused this and what you think the solution is going to be?

I am having same issue no servers show I tried restarting everything my PS4 my router all that