[PS4] No servers after the patch?

anyone ? have some idea what t f is going on

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PS4 Servers are being restarted for a quick update to fix an issue with the server browser. Should be back up shortly. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

Any idea of an eta at this point ? Update in raid time is pretty harsh lol

They should be up by now. We’re talking PS4 servers, right? The OP didn’t specify.

Yeah they are still down… ps4 that is
Or u now can’t see them?

Hmm, did you update your copy of the game yet? We just pushed out a small update, so please make sure you patch your game too.

Lol yeah dude. Whole clan can’t see the servers after patch .

Sorry if my questions seem elementary :slight_smile: Just going through the process of elimination. I’ll follow up, thank you.

I just updated aswell and all servers are invalid, PS4 official servers do not show up

Yeah … I can only see them when u click also show invalid, they have a pin of 9999

Yeah Willdawg same with me, my clan and I can only see them if we click show invalid.

They not up yet or is the patch bugged ?

We’re looking into it! Thank you for your patience.

I hope servers are up right away lol my guy is full of building mats

Thank you so much AndyB for talking with the community and keeping us updated. Hope that this problem resolves soon…
Chris :disappointed_relieved:


You and me both :slight_smile: Cheers! Will keep you informed as soon as I get info.


Ty for reply and also that you bother to talk with us hope servers will be up soon

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After messing around a little bit, when I click show invalid servers, type in my server number, then try to join, it says invalid and tells me that the server is full. Maybe that informations helps a bit?

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We know what happened and we should have the issue resolved shortly.


The issue should now be resolved. Please update your games and let us know if you see Valid servers now.

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