Official Servers down

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: US East

Official Server #3512 crashed at 1945. No longer showing up in server lists.
What is the estimated time to get it back up?
Will the server get set to log characters out like last time it crashed? (That was a life saver)

I’m having same issue with #3503.i was playing and it disconnected me after that it’s no longer findable

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Same with sever 3654

3596 isnt showing up in SERVER list.

Logged off briefly to let dogs out, when I tried to log back in, NO servers are showing up. I believe our server is #3513

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3594 is down as well

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Was kicked off game. Server NA Official 3508. Have been trying to log back in cannot See any servers in list. Things have been running worse since after patch. Please let us know what’s up n get these servers back online!

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Please use this Link. :wink:

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I am also from this server and its still not up

Thanks Melcom. Reported and still down.

Server 3585 down for hours now. It doesn’t show up on server list. This is the second time in 2 days. Please resolve this.

Server 3594 is down here too. At least a social media update would be nice. It’s been a couple hours :slight_smile:

That link is trash used it 4 hours ago. This is the worst downtime ive ever seen in a game thata full release. This is the second time in 2 days now your game has been completely broke amongst your other bugs. Server 3585 has been reported. Get this issue fixed please i hate paying for unfinished products.

Server 3511 also down . Been down for about 6 hours now.

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3509 down since 745 et.

This official server situation is poor. Always worried will my base poof or will server disconnect when I am in the middle of a fight… I have lost gear, build progress, and items often over the past few weeks.

I bought 2 copies for our ps4. I won’t buy any more xpacs for this product. Sad but has so much potential…

Get your act together.


3595 has been down since 745PM.
This is absurd. What kind of “official servers” are these?
Why are some affected and not others?
Foul play?

I agree with this guy. My brother and I bought this (two copies) and we’ve had to leave two “official” servers because they keep going dark.


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3503 isn’t showing up. My friend and I were really looking forward to playing too. Totally disappointed.


Help something happened to official server #3804


3506 also down for over 10 hours an counting