All servers invalid after update, ETA?

I just finished the PS4 update and I’m assuming all servers are going through restarts right now, any idea on when thing’s will be up and running on the PS4 side of things? Thanks!

From what i’ve read it takes about an hour. maybe less if we’re lucky. Rip everyone’s gear and inventory lol.

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Damn dude, I had a whole sandstone base in my pocket when the servers went down lol

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had decent stuff on me when the servers crashed a few hours ago.Now I had a nice weapon and full heavy armor that I finally just made. went outside and forced update happened… rip a few hours of progress. I’ve been playing for about 8 hours now and I was better off before I even logged in today.

I’ve been tossing updates up in [PS4] No servers after the patch? as well.

We know what the issue is and will have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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i see all the private servers, just not the official ones

Can you try again now? Please update your game and check the servers.

i see them now, but the one i favorited isnt on there, i cant tell if it wiped my favorites or just not all the servers are up

The fix is being rolled out across the PS4 servers now. Please give it a few minutes and check again.

Don’t have any ps4 game updates, see many private and official servers, the one i played on yesterday isnt among them and my own g-portal server is currently trying to update again, so looks like its a server side update and the fact so many servers are hosted from g-portal it just takes some time to get them all up and running.

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i think theyre either all up, or theyre atleast all coming up now, theres more and more as i check

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