All PS4 PVE servers down

All official PVE PS4 servers are gone. They are all listed in invalid servers. I’ve tried restarting and I have the latest version of the game.


Si hoy quiero jugar desde temprano y no veo mis servidores ni de exilio ni de la isla de siptah

Greetings Exile,

We’re currently updating our servers for the next patch. This is only a temporary outage.


Thank you

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How long does it take roughly. Just got back into conan after a year off

Enterado gracias, pero debería haber colocado un comunicado diciendo que iba pasar eso hoy para no asustarnos y estar atento que iba haber mantenimiento

When will private servers get a update I ask because I usually have to start it back up manually.

you think we can play by this weekend because already 5 hours of breakdown you are even worse than Wildcard with the ark and yet its difficult to do worse

Now is working

Still not up for me. Will the decay be paused? Otherwise I’ve lost everything…

Greetings everyone, some of the servers had after the update but they’re all seem to be doing fine now. Could you check and let me know if they are still down for you?

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My servers back! Thanks guys. Just reset bases.