Lost Connection - Cannot go online after PS4 patch

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: UK (Europe)

After the recent (today) System Software Update 6.50 for PS4, I am getting the following error message on server select:

“Lost Connection”
“Connection lost. You must be connected to the PlayStation Network in order to play online”

Yes, I have an internet connection.

Appears to be affecting many of my friends. I am shocked there is not anyone reporting it here on the forum.

Steps on how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Load Conan Game
  2. Press X to skip movie intro
  3. Select “Play Online”
  4. Select "PvP’ Or “Skip” (same result)
  5. Error message appears

Happened in US also right after update.

Literally on my PS4 using the in-game link to make this account and post this reply. But apparently im"Offline" Still

So the parity patch came out today? I can find patch notes anywhere if so ,did u?

I have the same problem the game says I’m not connected to PSN but I am, I’ve played other games. In the US and on a PS4 Pro if it matters.

Load another online game and quite and start conan work great for me

I seem to be having this issue as well

Same here. I was able to join a friends game from main PS4 menu, so it is tied to the patch 6.50 and front end server list screen. I could load Co-Op and SP as well.

I loaded another game no luck

If you have a friend online on the same server, join their session. That is how i circumvented the bug for now.

Unfortunately no one’s on right now

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I found a fix to get around the bug.

  1. Load anther online game and make sure you fully go into it online to play.
  2. Quit the game
  3. Load Conan
    This worked for me and hope its a fix for you.
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Can confirm this, it’s work

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How do i get into pve it keep saying connection error but Comconnection is the best its ever been

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I feel it is the console update. Both playstation at home have done this. Learn more tonight when I get home. Good luck to us happened to others.

Same. Says I’m not connected to PSN but I am, I’ve played other games. In the US and on a PS4 Pro if it matters.

It definitely is cause i have two ps4 both did it after update notice that pc is getting attention ps4 is being ignored i was going to buy all the packs for both ps4 but not now they should have answers by now

It could be Sony. How would we reach them.

Some other wrote in a another thread that playing online in another game online and then try Conan works, can confirm that. I just signed in to RD2 online without playing, exited and then I can play Conan again.