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Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Colombia

***When I try load the servers it says “Lost Online Connection” “Connection lost. You must be connected to the PlayStation Network in order to play online.” Which is weird cause my internets fine, I’ve tried 2 internets with the same result, other games are working fine. Could be related to the last system update, could not.

Reinstalled game because this happened yesterday, and people were able to join server from my session. EVERYBODY ON SERVER WAS GETTING THIS MESSAGE YESTERDAY. 3591
God defence bubbles are still bugged and are not shutting off after 36 hours. I am seriously losing patience for all the bs that goes on in this game.
Log on today and it is doing it again.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This is a known issue, and they are doing a hot fix for the connection lost (some blame is on Sony, as the update 6.5 started this).

As for the God bubble, that is also known, but fix may not be as easy. It is not necessarily a bug anymore, as people are purposely reproducing it for an advantage. It is now an exploit. Bug is something that pops up, but not easily repeated, exploit is figuring out how that bug works and is accomplished, then using it on purpose. Not calling it cheating, and not saying it is what it is so deal with it. It still needs to be fixed. Just not an easy one, as it can be layers of the code getting corrupted to cause it.

The gif bubble fix actually comes in our next patch u know tha damn patch of got 6freaking days ago thanks for showing us u care about ps4 there funcom

Starting to feel that way can’t get back into the game again wtf is going on I thought it was fixed

Same here man!!! I can’t join due to this lost connection network crap. Two days now. Wow

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Damn shame!!!

I finally got in my I my game just to find all my camps an maps rooms decayed an gone all but one .so practically everything is gone thank u so much so my question is this .Y should I even start again ur game frame rate constantly drops I can’t play a nite without getting blue screen crashes I can’t see enemies so y even waste my time with ur game? Funny thing is I know the 11 other people on my server an we all agreed were done so the twelve of us are going to red dead online .An by the way it’s a full 7 day week now an still no parity patch great support for ps4 funcom gets no more of my time or money

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