Lost conection whit internet

Game mode: [Online | Oficial PvP]
Problem: [Lost conection whit the internet]
Region: [Portugal]

[ So yesterday i played Conan all the day and i dind t have issues , today i entered the game and when i choose the servers just shows [ Lost conection whit the server ] and closes the servers choosing. So help? I aldready tested the internet. I closes the PlayStation and nothing]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open the game
  2. Open the servers
  3. Lost conection whit the server

I have the same shitproblem

So i talk whit everyone i know in Conan, even from other servers and everyone have the same problem

Servers for ps4 are currently unassailable not sure if it is Sony gportal or funcoms issues they are aware and working on it as we speak. I was planning playing today.

Oh, ok
Good to know. Since i m in a PvP server at least i know that no One can RAID me. Thanks for answer

I recommend you to check the main post for this issue: Connectivity Issues, June 11th


Yeah for what i know its a global problem. No One can enter the servers online. Argh its taking so long to come back