Quite disappointing Conan disconnects my internet

How is it that 90% of the time when I try to log online, this god for saken game disconnects my internet, and my WiFi? How in the hell is this fame crashing my internet inn ps4? Please explain

Then when I actually get to the server list, no freaking severs show up what the hell is going on here?

I’ve been limited to only joining people through game sessions outside of the sever list, if no one is online I’m completely unable to play

Hey. I got the exact same problem. My internet disconnects if i try to find servers. Though a few times ive been able to see some servers before the internet cuts off, however the servers i have been on, always show as full even though i know no ones on them. Its frustrating not to be able to play unless i personly know a player on “the server” im trying to join. I really hope you guys know of a fix or that you are working on it. As of right now i have tried setting up my routers, ive reinstalled the game and my whole ps4 without any luck. Again i hope to see a fix before i just delete it entirely as its not worth the frustrations

I’m not adjusting no router or doing any of that… this only happens on one game, Conan exiles

This happens to me too now. Ever since the update.

I think the censorship is part of problem think you got 40 people in a lobby all with a different setting on so its got go through and filter all that out someone has no nude option on its got put clothing on everyone and how many of them are actually walking around like that think the option needs be removed and leave it to where you see the way the charcter or ai is actually walking around im having problems didnt have before with last update i have 100mbs download with hybrid hard drive die from sandstorm when no sandstorm severs are not showing up been playing on had friend was night on his screen daytime on mine censoring a single player only probably work better a worldwide multi game i thought maybe we wouldnt be able play with other countries just got agony game m rated has it all in there