Server Browser Problems

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

I’ve been having this bizarre issue today where after logging out of a server I had played in for a while and trying to log back in later, I was unable to find that specific server.
So I shut down the game and went back in. Now no servers are showing at all, I’m just perpetually loading or something. I’ve shut down my ps4, restarted the game itself multiple times, nothing seems to be working.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to use the Online option to look at servers.
  2. See no servers.

Edit: I am also currently unable to see other players online in conan exiles through PSN like I normally would, they just show up as though they were in single player instead.

Edit 2: Server list is showing up as usual now for me

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It’s not just you

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same here

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Probably has alot to do with the forced reset. Probably on GPortals end. Couldn’t keep up with the recent onslaught of noobies

Did it happen to you at the same time as me? I logged out at about 3pm EST and haven’t been able to rejoin since. Maybe they went down or something?

Reinstalling the game might help. But funcom has to fix it his matter.

Same here

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Nope, G-portal already stated on their site that Funcom’s Masterserver is down and the problem is known. It’s not their fault.

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If some see the servers and others don’t I can only pray the guys that I caught offline raiding me when I happened to log in don’t see em

Same, logged out in a pvp server for lunch before boarding up all my crafting stations. I wanna get back before anyone finds me


Can you provide a link to that?

Funcom knows something. This restart was coordinated with the usual 10 and 5 minute warnings prior to the servers going down.

My money is on a restart to fix the season pass/dlc issue.

A status update would be nice


Hope that link works. I had it as a pop-up message since I rented a server there:

Almost all the servers dropped after the restart I hope they take a little time to fix it

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Its spotty, I was talking to the server owner and we kept trying to solve the issue, he couldn’t send me an invite to the server and I couldn’t join him through his profile and shareplay didn’t work either, but apparently one person joined since I started having connection issues.
So, normally when I view someone playing the game on ps4 it’ll say "(player name) is (doing a thing in one of the biomes) and then there’ll be a player list depending on the server they’re in, like 11/40 or something.
But now despite the guy I was talking to clearly being in the server, that player number doesn’t show up. It looks like he’s just in single player mode. So the server itself (which is private) isn’t actually down at all, for some reason my connection to it is just messed up somehow.

Weird, I just get a “down for maintenance” page when I click on that

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Well glad it’s not just me then. No servers are popping up for me as well. Hopefully I can get on still today

This is kind of ridiculous. Just activated a new server with G-Portal this afternoon. It was up for all of 15 minutes before these server browser problems started. It’s been unavailable for 3 hours now.

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Yep this server browser issues super bad just want to get on and play but browser not finding any of my servers worse part is am sat right next to my mum who is online on one of the servers I play on.

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My buddies server, Sands of Eden, isn’t even popping up in our browser anymore after this update. My friends and I was just on it last night and now its gone.

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