Conan exiles: my server is gone!

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My server is gone !
I can’t find my server anywhere. it has been gone for 2 days.
server name: Grensky.
can anybody help !!

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Hello @math920n been having problems finding my server ps4 gportal since Sony update. Can you go to gportal site and manually reset? I have done this 3 to 4 times since update. Tried 5 times last night before I got on combo of typing and scrolling won’t last in favorite. Gportal site better to work on with PC instead of phone. Good luck let me know what happens. :thinking:

thanks for the help but, it is not my server, it’s just the server me and my frends are playing on.
So i don’t think i can reset it.
i have been lokking around gportal website and i could not find anything that could help :smiley:

You can report official server bottom of screen when you are looking for server never tried it good luck. Welcome to try WYRM,S BANE boosted no loss on death. But not a real pvp server more fun server

Try at the servers check the history option that should find it an I can also favorite the server to help u find it faster after u find the server highlight it an press triangle to save it to favorites hope this helps

i could not finde the server in history :frowning: it will only load one out of tree server in my history, and thats is not the right one. do you have any other ideas to fix this

If it won’t show in ur history no idea fire it up let the servers load til there done an sort through them only thing I can think it’s not there then I’ve no clue I’ve heard some go down from time to time just to kinda service the server but sorry broutherman

I have a suggestion when looking for your server. Type in server name then go to type set to all that is what I have to do to get on the servers I play on favorites gone. Good luck

You should try this suggestion :point_up:

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Is it possible the server owner stopped paying for it and the time ran out on it ?

Hey @math920n

Make sure to use the filters correctly on the server browser, and typing in the name correctly. Setting the server on favorites is also a good way to be able to find the server easily.
If none of that works, you should get in contact with G-Portal and see what the issue could be.

@Ignasi favorites no longer comes up as a option that I can find like before. Also how to adjust purge greater number longer pause between purge? Thanks again

@sestus2009 you should ask unrelevant questions on Players Helping Players :wink:

It’s a Server Setting, see

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