R2K, the PVP server I play in is gone

Hey guys, i am new to the community. I started playing online on a PVP PS4 server with my friends. We got a lot of good stuff going, we invested a lot into that server, and we were even recruiting other friends to get the game and join us. However, I looked yesterday only to find it gone. I wish I knew the server number (I couldn’t find it beforehand by looking the server up). I hope it is not gone forever. Has anyone else gone through this? Is it possible to recover the server?

Hey @BrianColdingII,

If this is a Conan Exiles issue, a moderator may move it for you. Just let me know if it is :slight_smile:

Hey @Ignasi,

Could you move this to the Conan Exiles players helping players subforum please?

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