Looking for a active unofficial pvp server

If Conan Dynasty doesn’t populate in a week or so I’ll be looking for a unofficial server and looking for a clan that likes to raid and fight also. Just wanna have fun raid a little, throw some hands ya know. Any body got any suggestions? I hope Conan Dynasty does good but if it don’t I need a backup.

If you’re okay with a hardcore pvp server, check out Love PvP! It’s real conan exiles where players can do almost whatever they want. It features Siptah loot (don’t need DLC) & events unique to the server.

Hey, man. I’ve heard you left the server due to suspicious admin activity. I’m sorry to hear that. I was hoping to see some real pvp on the server & was excited for you guys coming but i believe the technical difficulties hurt my reputation with your group.

TLDR; I’m not like that. I’ll reimburse your loot when you guys are willing to come back. If not, i did all i could. Have a blessed day!

Is your server still active and does it have a discord? Thanks

Man the people in that server don’t even know how to pvp they got clapped on official . If they actually kept on going a learning hot to play the game they could have got better but the gave up. Lmao you gotta get wiped a bunch before you learn hot to fight with each other and it’s a group effort for farming and learning the game you tuning everything