Master server issues update please

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ | Bug | Performance |
Region: [america]

Server won’t show up in browser paying good money for this server would like to play
got this from G-portal
Conan PS4 Listing issues

Dear Customer, currently you might experience issues with getting your Conan PS4 listed ingame on the serverbrowser. This is due to some problems on Funcom’s end with their Masterserver. We are in touch with Funcom and we hope they can sort it out soon. We will keep you updated. Please do not open additional support requests regarding this issue since we can’t fix it, we also have to wait for Funcom to solve this.

can we get an offical update and maybe an eta because my messages are blowing up with people asking about the server so would like something to tell them

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log into game

You me and every one else good luck.

Here here. I get that Funcom probably can’t/won’t provide us with a lot of detail, but some sort of “we’re aware of the issue and loosely it’s a problem of XXXX” would be awesome.

As it is, It’s not even clear if Funcom is actually aware of the problem that g-portal says they’re aware of.


Where are the steps???

Do u know if the servers are back up?

My wife logged in around 5 hours ago on our gportal ps4 private server new dlc working. Been at work since

My PS4 gportal private is currently up and running, and has been other tha patch interruptions. So this may be isolated to a few servers then. But the master server line seems weird. All console servers are Gportal, the client (PS4) is actually running your game. So i don’t see how, and i am no expert so i may be wrong, there would be a need for a master server in between the selected server and your console.

Sounds like gportal throwing the ball to funcom. I have had some issues with gportal before this not been able to find my server

My Gportal server had issues yesterday. Seems ops normal again for now.

your are wrong the game map runs on the gportal server the game runs on the ps4 but the login and server list is run thru the funcom master server which shows all avaliable servers and directs you to the server you chose from the list and that was the issue it was not listing all the servers and not communicateing with psn properly they seem to have fixed the issue over last 2 days tho.

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thanks. Hence why i put in the i may be wrong. I am a db guy, not a set up guy :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to rant but I can’t get on my own private server for 2 plus hours I know it is not full because I restart and password. I had plans for today and I am seriously getting pissed off you guys know I am calm but this is bbbbsss don’t care whose fault a person should be able to get on there own Fogg paid for server

I think on g-portal you can white list yourself and any other admins. I think that allows you to bump someone whenever you need on.

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