No North American Servers

I cant seem to find a single north American server. I’ve been trying all day with nothing popping up. I’ve reset my router and still nothing. I seem to always get issues after an update idk if its because I play on a PlaystationPro or not. Is there any hot fix for this?

Hey Chesterfield. I was logged in earlier after the update without any issues however now I am having the same issue. No NA Official servers listed. I surprisingly cannot find any major discussions about this on the forums so It seems it could be limited to only some players? Perhaps a routing or dns issue. Can only speculate until it is investigated by Funcom and/or gportal.

I’m having the same problem, hopefully fixed soon, all 6 servers I have characters on are out of commission

I just tested and discovered if you check the “show invalid servers” box your NA officials will appear but you cannot log into any of them. Certainly isn’t DNS or routing. Has to be something to do with game server software version conflict or something not shaking hands with the client.

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Yeah, I am having the same issue. And considering that I rent a server… Well this is very disappointing. I am really starting to become upset with Funcom and their lack there of. It seems to me that they need to focus 100% on issues instead of bringing us new content. I think that the majority of those who play conan would agree that we would rather the game run smooth, and not have issues rather than get new content that always seem to f&%$ up the game.

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Having the same issues. Can not see any of the servers unless I click on Show Invalid Servers.

I’m experiencing the same thing, both on official servers and on my private server. Funcom did send out a tweet at 13:00 pacific time acknowledging that they’re aware that there is a problem. No ETA yet, though.

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