Ps5 and ps4 servers official and otherwise down for just me and a few others

Game mode: *[ Select one: (Online Official and all others”
Type of issue: | Performance and Bugs
Server type: PVP and all others even custom
Region: America
Hardware: PS5

Bug Description:

All servers showing up as full and having 9999 ping even though my friends are already on the same server And playing fine*

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in select servers then click show invalid Ans all the servers show up
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Nope, not showing up for me either. And many more on twitter reporting the same. RIP

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A literally midget download turns into a game breaker

hopefully its a quick fix or something. But who knows

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Hey there,

We’re looking into this issue at the moment. What client revision (shown in main menu, lower right corner) are you on, and which region?


Revision #319821/30725
Region EU

All servers are displayed as invalid.


Thank you. We have identified the issue with our server provider and we are deploying a fix.

Current ETA until servers are back online: 30-45 60 minutes.


Revision #319821/30725
Region Oceania

All servers are invalid with max pop and 9999 ping


#319821/30725 region us


Same, all blank nothing listed

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We’ve posted an announcement on Social Media, reposting it here too:


Revision #319821/30725
America region, with VPN I tried all.

As is all my clan mates, 8 total.
On ps5

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I was wondering if Funcom forgot to notify us that they had fixed the bug where players can connect to online servers too after this update lol.

Fix it soon ya’ll. I hope the admin panel is fixed too when this is all working. I feel like I’m only renting 2/3 of a server atm.

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Thank you For the quick reply, if only the reports got replied this fast! Lol all love though

Same here

Yes, glad this is being addressed quickly. Servers are still not up as of yet.

Servers have received their distributables and should be starting showing up in the next few minutes. EU servers will be the first ones to show, with US and rest of the world to follow shortly after.


Welcome to the Forum

Official Server #8068, #8058, and #8054 are not showing up in the servers list.

Latest update:

TLDR: Servers have received the newest files and will start showing online. Keep in mind that some servers may show up earlier than others depending on the size of their database.