"Connection lost. You must be connected to the playstation network"?

haven’t been able to login to the online play portion of conan exiles since yesterday. I get this error that indicates that it’s a problem with my playstation network - but it works for every other game…

To replicate the problem: boot up game -> select online play ->skip or select game mode style -> upon loading the server roster, error message received “Connection lost. You must be connected to the playstation network in order to play”

-checked to see if PSN is valid [it is]

-checked for updates [it is]

-signed out of pan then back in [no change]

-restored licences [no change]

-deleted the game and re downloaded the 94 gig file [ no change ]

Gotta say I’m not impressed with the service that is provided with this game. I’ve never encountered so many glitches and bugs in a game that is this old - you’d think by now you’d have polished it up a bit? this is a completely other topic but it kind goes with the theme…

You know: if this is a known topic, you should have added an automated message that lets the players know about the error before they think it’s a problem on their end right?

I bet most of your players are attempting to login right now and are just confused and upset… a simple pop-up “hey we are experiencing login problems” etc you know it’s not rocket science right?

not being able to sign in is kind of a priority problem don’t you think?
might want to fix this before they find a better game to play… just saying

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Appreciate the information. Id be neat to see this kind of message in-game! You know - so players don’t need to visit a forum for status updates

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So what is gonna happen about decay timers cause I’m about to loss my bases on official servers 3890 and 3729 because of this connection issue with PS4 servers. So you people should extend the decay timers. Please and Thank You


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