Pending Connection Failure - Desperately in need of help!

Game mode: [Online | Server | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Connection Error]
Region: [North America / USA]

@Hugo I really need some help with this issue. This is is my second post as I’ve not received any feedback. I’m playing on a private server with my brother and me. Only 2/10 players ever on server. Everytime I try to login to the server I am met with the Pending Connection Failure error. I’ve tried turning off / on my router, testing connection on PS4 before entering the game, turning of upnp on router settings, fully uninstalling / reinstalling the game.

This is really annoying and I’m upset I haven’t had an ounce of feedback. I can’t play the game for the only reason I bought the game…to play with my brother.

I’ve been playing this game for 3 weeks just fine and all the sudden I can’t login anymore and my progress is completely haulted.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open Conan Exiles
  2. Search for server
  3. Attempt to login to server
  4. Booted to home screen, pending Connection Failure.

Just some details needed:

Is it hosted? Or did you login via coop?

Thanks for the quick reply @Dzonatas I appreciate it.

It is hosted through GPortal.

Hello @kmanmott, is your console in a wired or wireless connection?

Do you own the server or did you joined some random private server from the server list?


  • My brother pays for the server through GPortal, only him and I play on it. It has a password, and it is not random.
  • My PS4 is a wired connection. 120mb down (dunno if that helps).
  • This instance only randomly happened. I have been playing on this server for about 3 weeks. It is the only server I play on.

Thank you for the additional information.

Could you please let us know if the server has been restarted daily?

@Mayra It has not. And by restart, you mean just turning off and on (my brother sent me a screenshot of the mobile interface of the GPortal site and there is a toggle ON UI element).

Should I just have him swipe it off then on?

There is also a “Repair” button on this screen, but I don’t know exactly what it will prompt him to do.

Conan Exiles servers should be restarted on a daily basis to prevent connectivity issues and ensure that the server stability stays at optimal levels.

You should be able to set up scheduled restarts through the G-Portal server administration page, here’s an example of how it should look:

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@Mayra That worked! I’ll be sure to have him restarted it daily. I appreciate the feedback and help.


Thanks for your feedback as well.

Enjoy! :smiley: