Pending connection failure could not connect to server. your connection to the host has been lost conan exiles

Game mode: [Online | PvE]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America (Canada)]

[Hi, thanks for looking. I’ve been playing for over a year, since free on psn, and this is the first time I’ve had this happen, and it’s been over few days now since I’ve been able to connect to 3531. I try load my main server, starts to load, screen flashes black, then I get and error message and sent back to title screen. Server list says 0/40 with 9999 ping. My friend can join the server with no problems. I use a wired connection. I can also join many other official server with no problems, just not 3531. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start game
  2. Select PvE official servers
  3. Select 3531
  4. Start to load, black screen flash, error message
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Deleted all saved data and reinstalled whole game and updates and still can’t get into only that server…

I played quite a bit over the weekend.
Official PVE-C Server #3828
Exeperienced at least 6 Connection to Server Lost occurences while in game exploring.

Network issues Ihave mentioned before also occurred; Connection to Server lost message while looking for Server in list, Pending connection to Server lost while loading into game, and the odd modem behavior, losing connection and resetting.

I play a lot of games with online aspects, I stream most of the time I am playing.
Conan:Exiles is the only game I play where my modem connection is interrupted, and my modem resets itself.

Sunday Morning after the AM server restart was particularly bad.
I was unable to successfully log into the game for at least 45 minutes after Server restart.

Direct Ethernet connection to Modem
Game installed on external hard drive

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Experiencing same issue. PVE-C North American server. Players experiencing issue are from Thailand Singapore and Australia. Started after last rollout.

Also, player from Singapore claimed that items would not attach to the hotwheel. This was right after rollout, and then eventually after 2 days, was unable to to even get into the server.

Update - latest patched fixed the wheel issue. Ticket to gportal fixed connection issues.

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Hi @Skeeter604, we’ll reach out privately to you to request some network tests on your end.

@Rollotomozi and @Aurora Please open a new thread regarding the issues you’ve encountered.

Okay, but the tests required of me seem to require a computer, and I only have my ps4 and phone.

many people have these problems to get on the server and play on a Pvp 4505 server, being attacked for the whole day and not being able to enter two days after a solution to get on other servers yes more in Latin America I need to defend my base today , because my server is not running the server because of the delay in the construction of the La hermandad which is also blocking their blocks that neither the construction within my land base with the owner should solve this logo

And I also want to know how to register I have a lot of videos and evidence of evidence against this seevidor tribe?

I can’t get into some official servers but some still can get in we want a solution I can’t get in my server 4505

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