Pending connection failure, Ps4 5/26/2019

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Misc]
Region: [NA]

I’ve read online that this issue has been going on since the last firmware update on PS4. I’ve also read that this issue was submitted for a hotfix “soon” the early parts of this month (I believe). Had this issue been run through? Or are we still waiting on a fix?

I’ve run into this issue yesterday, and it’s still blocking me from joining certain servers today. It’s not affecting every server I try to join.

I’ve tried other trouble shooting options that were available online, (such as joining a single player game, start up another online game, check for updates, etc) none have worked.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Turn on Conan Exiles
  2. Attempt to join server
  3. Pending connection failure
  4. Sent back to title screen

Hey @Iswut

The issue that was fixed had to do with PVE-C server filtering not working correctly, as well as some regions (Saudi Arabia and Argentina) having issues listing servers in the browser. A month ago, there was also a problem with the server browser due to the influx of new players, but was solved without the need of a hotfix.
In this case, it could perhaps have been a temporal outage of some node. Is it still happening?
Thanks for your feedback.

Am also having the same problem.

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I had this issue last night and am still having it today

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I have been having this issue since yesterday afternoon. Was playing about to head to my mine and got discoed. After that I haven’t been able to access private servers

Still constantly happening

Hey everybody,

Which region are you located in? Also, which server(s) are you trying to join?

i am also having problems logging into EU server 3061, i can log into other servers but not the main one i play. first time i have had this issue and would like some info if possible :wink:

North America trying to log into a north American server

You might want to get some one on the server to invite you in. Works some time

Hey @sAssIn

Welcome to our community.
We could reach the server normally. Is this issue resolved for you?

@MjolnirFatemaker, are you still unable to reach your server?


Asian server 4028
Loading does not end
I can not log in

@Ignasi yes, still happening.


It was happening last night, I just tried now and I am able to log in.

It is now connecting thankfully

I’m from Argentina, and having trouble to connect to european servers. I can confirm this is also happening to other argentinians. Almost all EU servers show 0/40 players and a 9999 ping and fail to connect.
I opened a new thread but found this one similar.

#3000 to #3025 CAN’T CONNECT
#3026 to #3028 OK
#3029 to #3135 CAN’T CONNECT
#3136 to #3140 OK
#3141 to #3180 CAN’T CONNECT
#3181 OK
#3200 to #3206 CAN’T CONNECT
#3207 to #3211 OK
#3213 to #3228 OK

All other regions are ok.

Same thing here. Can’t connect to EU servers in general. I can connect to other servers too.

Hello, I m from Argentina Buenos aires. I have a problem connecting to servers in Region of Europe (only in Europeans this problem happens to me in both serves offcials and prviates ).And i been 6 hours without being able to connect to the European servers that I play or want to play. Could someone help me or give me a solution date?

Same exact thing! Let’s hope someone address this issue. Maybe it has something to do with today’s update? I wasn’t able to connect to EU servers since then.

Asian server 4061 has that issue after all updates

I started having this issue on all Eu servers after 1.42 update,its been like 12 hours since this started help plz