The server browser takes ages to load and when it does the servers say 40/40 9999ping sort it out wtf i havent played for 4days now

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.sort the server browser out and the servers

Yup…same here. Not for four days but for 15hours now. The game kicked me and all my tribe mates (assuming server reset) but then no one could get back on after that. Reads 40/40 players (I spoke to someone else who was online and they reported 8 players logged in) and 9999 ping. Really? If I can’t play what did I spend my money on? I’ll take this to a lawyer if need be. I give it 24 hrs before I start the process of getting my money back and spreading the word.

The server #3043 also has this problem

3779, same issue

Anyone figure out how to solve or bypass this issue?