[Ps4] Network issues on server browser

Dear FunCom,

When ever i try to find the server me and my friends play on through the server browser, my whole home network stops working for a few minutes. My phone, laptop, pc and ps4 gets disconnectes. I have the feeling its getting worse every day (perhabs because of more servers being added to the list?).

I actually spend most of the time (usually hours) to actually try and join the server. Because it is always 40/40 (or even more) and it takes like 5 min to actually find the server (probably because my network gets disconnected for a few minutes), i miss the <= 39/40 spot.

I really find this unaccaptable and this should be a priority bug fix. This is really frustrating especially on Raid times. Pleae launch a patch asap!

I know i am not the only one with this issue and it really is on this game only. Other games work fine. And yes i did port forward, and have static ip and i use the google dns.

Also as a side note please allow more players in a server. The map is huge and 40 is really few. (4 clans of 10 people, really?) Like ark has a 70 player limit so it should be possible.

Thanks in advance.