Server full, but it is not

Ok, so since new patch Im able to search servers without my home network crashing (sometimes). Now I’m at the point where I can see my server but It says full. When I refresh 1 or more times my home network crashes. I know the server is not full because I can join it through “join session” on my friends list. I can only play on online servers by joining a friend’s session from my friends list, which is very in convenient. I appreciate the effort though Funcom, I am now actually able to see server list but the error now seems to be bug that registers all US PVP servers as full when in fact they are not. I hope the info I have provided can shed some light on the problem so you can more easily fix it.

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Update: servers that are not full that I try to join begin to load and at the very end say “Pending connection failure”.

Does anyone have any idea why I’m receiving pending connection failure (failure to connect to host, or connection to host lost)? It happens frequently, although sometimes I am lucky and get to join my server.

Update: As I have mentioned before my failed search attempts are either due to sever full bug error or pending connection failure when I’m connecting to server, but I have noticed it is not crashing my network anymore (maybe due to new router I bought+latest patch), only disconnecting me temporarily from PSN. But it does not throw me out of PS party chat usually when I get disconnected from PSN. My PlayStation is a PlayStation 4 Pro, specifically the God of War PS4 Pro. I have noticed lots of PS4 pro players are often the ones reporting bugs and similar problems. Maybe the Pro has something to do with it?

I’m also having this issue, my friend is on the server telling me there are only 5 people on the server list but it and a bunch of others are saying 40/40 when I try to login.

Update: It’s back to crashing my network. I even set up a DMZ. Did just about everything I could to optimize my connection. The server browser is flooding my router everytime I try to search. It is a new router btw.

The same here, after long strugling its sometimes showing my server real slot numbers 15/40 and ping lower that 9999. But when friend is on the server you can join him without any effort, without blowing psn.

Yea same and I know, but my friends haven’t been on in a while cause they are getting sick of same issues and other bugs. They went back to Ark and other games. Hell I saw one of em playing Monopoly on their PS4 yesterday, rather than plaything Exiles. Lol